Katerina Papadopoulou – Bio

Katerina Papadopoulou is considered as one of the very few singers in Greece who still continue the art of the old masters of traditional singing. She has an exceptional fluency in mooving between different vocal styles and combining them with her unique vocal and musical expression.

She has participated in several recordings of Greek traditional music as well as contemporary Greek music.
In 2002 – after archive and personal research – she released “Ta tragoudakia mou poulo”, her first personal CD, includind old traditional songs from A.Minor. The CD was voted from the music magazine “Echo & artis” as the best CD of Greek traditional music for the year 2002.
In May of 2007 she released the cd-single “San helidoni”(Cantini), singing three songs of Sokratis Sinopoulos.
In the autumn of 2008 she released “Amygdalaki tsakisa”(Music Corner), an lp with songs from different regions of Greece.

In May 2010 together with Hristos Tsiamoulis and Sokratis Sinopoulos they released “Politiki zygia”(Legend), which was a live recording of a concert in Utreht in November 2008.

In 2012 “Amygdalaki tsakisa” was published in the United States by the title “Drawing in an almond” ( Golden Horn Records).
In the international music field, she collaborates with Jordi Savall for the “Mare Nostrum”, The “Esperit del Balkans”,the “Pelerinages De l ‘Ame”, the “Orient, Occident”and the “Ibn Battuta” programmes, singing songs from Greece. The “Ibn Battuta” project was live recorded in Abu Dhabi. She took part in the “Mare Nostrum” documentary film of Scuola Vivante with Jordi Savall, herself and Hesperion as  protagonists. http://www.marenostrum-film.ch/en/team/

She also collaborated with the baroque group “L’ Arpeggiata” for the music project named “Mediterraneo” presenting old songs from the Mediterrenean Sea. “Mediterraneo” was published by “Virgin” in 2013.

She gives Greek singing seminars in France in collaboration with the “Hiphaistia Association Européenne Pour l’ Expression de la Culture Grecque” for the past 9 years and on.

She teaches Greek traditional singing and repertory at the Postgraduate Department of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.

In October 2018 together with St.Dorbarakis, K.Tapakis, G.Kontogiannis and G.Kariotis, they recorded in the Holy Patriarchal and Stavropegic monastery of St. George of Vasses in Karpathos.

The recordings were published in March 2019, for the cd “Notio Toxo-In Karpathos”, which took exceptional reviews.

Most important appearances in recordings

“Notio Toxo-In Karpathos”, Katerina Papadopoulou 2019 

Domna Samiou-“Epic Songs of warriors and heroes”(2017)

Christos Tsiamoulis- “Wild Times”(Melodiko Karavi-2016)

Katerina Papadopoulou singing songs of Perikles Papapetropoulos-Album “Mika”(2016)

2015-Launch of “The Anastatica project”

Recordings in Istanbul with Aytekin Atas for Kösem soundtrack
Jordi Savall-“Ibn Battuta”-the voyager of Islam-2014(live recording In Abu Dhabi)
L’ Arpeggiata – “Mediterraneo” 2013
Katerina Papadopoulou – “Drawing in an almond”-published in the U.S.A. by Golden Horn Records-2013
K.Papadopoulou -H.Tsiamoulis-S.Sinopoulos : Politiki zygia (Legend-2010)
K.Papadopoulou : Amygdalaki tsakisa(music corner-2008)
Domna Samiou:Folk fables in song(2008)
Domna Samiou:The Great North Wind and other traditional songs for children, cd-dvd(2007)
Domna Samiou:Songs of history and heroes(2007)
Domna Samiou:songs of nature and of love-cd-dvd(2007)
K.Papadopoulou-S.Sinopoulos:”Like a swallow”(three songs of S.Sinopoulos)
K.Papadopoulou: “Ta tragoudakia mou poulo” – songs from Meli in A. Minor. (2002)
Domna Saniou: “songs of dame sea” (folk music association Domna Samiou 2002)
M.Merlier music archives: “Songs from Samothraki” (2002)
M.Kaliontzidis: “Agrotsalts” (Kyriakidis – 2002)
M.Merlier music archives: “songs from Capadokia” (2001)
Pantelis Thalassinos: “Agios Erotas” – (Μ.Β.Ι. 2001)
“Folk songs from Pontos” (Kyriakidis – 2001)
Hristos Tsiamoulis: “Monaha gia na taxidevo”(Lyra 1999)
Petros Dourdoubakis: “stolidia ap’ ta skoupidia” (1998)
“Songs and tunes from Pontos” (live recording – 1998)
M.Merlier music archives: «Music from Ionia» (1997)
Petros Dourdoubakis: “Kokino krasi” (1996)
Hristos Tsiamoulis: “Erotokastro”(Lyra 1996)
Greek folk music instruments: “Percusion instruments” – (FM records 1993)
Greek music archives: «songs from Constantinople and Propontis», «songs from Smyrna », «Riga’s Greece »
Hristos Tsiamoulis: “Athos o emos” (F.M. records 1992)
Nikos Oikonomidis: “Perasma sta Kithira” (1991)
Hristos Tsiamoulis: “Anespera”

Most important concerts-performances-workshops

1993 – Tour in Greece and the Balkans with Thiva’s theatre performing “Antigoni”
1994 – Tour in Greece with H.Tsiamoulis’s group, “Thretanelo”.
1995 – Workshops in Finland.
Tour in Greece with N.Xidakis.
1998 – Tour in Greece with D.Samiou.
1999 – Concerts and workshops in China.
2000 – concerts in The U.S.A.(New York-Chicago)
2000-2002 – Performances with P.Thalassinos and summer tour.
2004 -2005 Concerts with Nikos Papazoglou.
2006- Concerts in Japan for the EXPO 2006.
2008- Concert in China for the Beijing festival for the Olympic Games.
2008- concert in Vietnam for the Greek-Vietnamese friendship
2008-2012 – workshops and concerts in Agios Lavrentios “Music village”
2009 singing workshops and concerts in Xanthi and Samothraki
May 2012 singing workshops and concerts in Marseilles (Hiphaisteia)
October 2012 singing workshops in Marseilles(Hiphaisteia)
2012-2013 tour in Europe and Asia with L’Arpeggiata
May 2013 – singing workshops in Marseilles(Hiphaisteia)
November 2013 – Singing workshops in Marseilles(Hiphaisteia)
November 2013 – concert with L’Arpeggiata in Athens
13 April 2014 – concert with Jordi Savall in Buchs, Switzerland

May 2014 – Singing workshops in Marseilles(Hiphaisteia)
October 2014- Singing workshops in Marseilles(Hiphaisteia)
May 2015- Singing workshops in Marseilles(Hiphaisteia)
June 2015-singing workshops in Ikaria island-Greece (Horotragoudo 2015)
October2015 Singing workshops in Marseilles(Hiphaisteia)

2014-2015 concerts in Potsdam –Dusseldorf-Ekaterinenburg-Kologne-Gent- with “L’Arpeggiata”
2014-2015 concerts in Fontfroide- Salzburg-Shangai-Macao-AbuDhabi-Narbonne-Barcelona- Istanbul-with Jordi Savall
2015-Scuola Vivante ‘s “Mare Nostrum” film(Jordi Savall-Katerina Papadopoulou-Musicians as protagonists)November 2015 – tour at the Emirates with Jordi Savall
2016 -Paris- Lucerna- Brugges-Brussels- Poblet, Stressa, Wroclan, Lyon, Sarajevo, Francfurt, Besancon, Lyon, Gent, Istanbul, Bucharest, with Jordi Savall
2017 – Francfurt with J.Savall